We take our sourcing seriously and work closely with our suppliers, which enables us to make the best food we possibly can for you to enjoy.

We hand make over 90% of our menu items and we don’t use any mixes for our soups, cakes or scones, we only use proper raw ingredients and well trained staff.

We buy our meat from Letterfindlay Butchers near Fort William. They make all our beef and venison burgers and sausages using Scottish reared meats and wild venison. Our black pudding comes from Charles MacLeod of Stornaway, our haggis and vegetarian haggis comes from Macsween and our eggs come from free range hens at Balvicar Farm near Oban. We source our beer from Innis & Gunn in Edinburgh, the Thistly Cross Cider comes from Dunbar, our ice cream comes from Mackie’s of Scotland and our smoked salmon from Uig Lodge, Lewis. Our coffee, breakfast tea and hot chocolate comes from Matthew Algie in Glasgow, established back in 1864. It was Matthew Algie who pioneered the triple certification for Espresso beans – Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic which is exactly what our beans are.

Our potatoes (all three tonnes per week) come from Glasgow fruit and vegetable market and some from Albert Bartlett of Airdrie. Our Haddock and Cod comes from MSC certified and managed stocks in Area 28 in the North East Arctic. It is processed and frozen at sea within 6 hours of being caught and we feel this gives you the freshest most consistent quality of first class clean, white fish we can offer you.


We fry our food in rapeseed oil which is a high in monounsaturated fat and Omega 3 and low in saturated fat. It has a high burning point (230 degrees) which means it does not break down easily to release harmful free radicals.

Our plates and many other disposables are made from Bagasse. Bagasse is a bi product of sugar cane fibre which is left after the juice has been extracted. This is then formed into plates and other disposables which are 100% compostable and biodegradable within 30-60 days. Many people ask us why we do not use crockery plates and the answer is that we simply do not yet have the facilities to deal with the vast numbers we would need in terms of storage or washing up, so we use the Bagasse option as the next best thing.

On the subject of the environment, we buy our cleaning products from an environmentally friendly range which have been developed to be kinder to the planet and come in a concentrated format which reduces carriage and packaging. 

If you haven’t tried Irn Bru (Scotland’s other iconic beverage!) you really should while you are here, but if that’s not your thing, we have a range of delicious cold handcrafted drinks such as Breckland Orchard Posh Pop in a variety of unusual flavours including ginger beer with a hint of chilli which is exceptionally good with fish and chips or for something different try Big Tom savoury tomato juice.

Hungry now?

We hope so!